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Riviera dei Dogi Hotel Venice

Riviera dei Dogi Hotel Venice - On the Riviera del Brenta in the lovely town of Mira, just outside of Venice, surrounded by the spirit of 16th century aristocracy. This beautiful villa, originally designed as a retreat for the Contarini family, is now a lovely 4 star hotel for you and your family to enjoy.

Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 33 - 30034, Mira, Venice, Italy

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Restaurant Margherita Venice

Ristorante Margherita Mira Porte - The gourmet in house restaurant of both the 5 star Villa Franceschi Hotel and the 4 star Villa Margherita Hotel in the green and pleasant rolling landscapes of Mira Porte in the Brenta Riviera, this top quality restaurant is famous for its extremely fine, traditional seafood cuisine.

Via Nazionale, 416/417 30034 Mira, Venezia, Italy

Hotel Villa Franceschi Venice

In the lesser known town of Mira Porte amidst the rolling green landscape and luxury villas of Venetian nobles lies this fantastic 5 star luxury hotel, the perfect wedding or special event location. This exclusive hotel also has a high quality restaurant specialising in local seafood from the Adriatic.

Via Don Minzoni, 28 - 30034 Mira, Venice, Italy

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Romantik Hotel Villa Margherita Venice

Just 25 km from the floating city, this tranquil 4 star luxury hotel enjoys a choice location within the verdant Venetian countryside. With sumptuous classic Venetian interior design and a fantastic restaurant, it’s the ideal family accommodation outside of the city in the town of Mira Porte.

Via Nazionale, 416/417 30034 Mira, Venice, Italy

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Housemuhlbach Wellness and Aqua Spa

Our property is nestled in the dolomites, nature surrounds us and provides for us. Because of this we are concerned to protect this glorious environment and we are striving to be completely environmentally sustainable. To this end, the property has been completely renovated and our heating system is a wood burning biomass plant. We have used untreated alpine Cirmolo wood and Larch throughout - even the wax on the floor comes from local bees!

Borgata Bach 222 - 32047 Sappada Italy

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