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Rome Attractions - Olympic Stadium

An Italian football match is an experience not to be missed for the quality of the play and the fun atmosphere.

Rome has two teams, AS Roma and SS Lazio, and they take it in turns to play at the Stadio Olimpico on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm (unless they are playing the following week in either the Champions League or Uefa Cup in which case their league matches may be brought forward a day to the Saturday ) in the Campionato Italiano (Italian championship league or Serie A as it is more commonly known seats can be scarce, so get tickets in advance from the stadium (22 euros - 78 euros)

The cheapest tickets are in i distinti then Le Curve stand. The middle range and the most expensive are in Le Gradinate and La Tribuna respectively.

Monte Mario Stand is where all the VIPs , Press and Rich / Famous people go. The Olympic Stadium was built in the 1930s during the fascist Mussolini era and is a relic to a period that most Italians would rather forget - nevertheless it remains one of the most intimidating stadiums in Italy.

The stadium capacity is 85000 all seated.