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Rome Attractions - Piazza Farnese

The Piazza Farnese in Rome is home to the French Embassy and scenes of great jubilation whenever France win anything at sport. The embassy is housed within the impressive walls of the Palazzo Farnese which was the first piece of renaissance architecture ever to be built in Rome.

Notice the perfectly symmetrical facade designed by Michelangelo who was particularly proud of his first piece of work in Rome which was heavily influenced by his orphanage in Florence which he designed a few years earlier.

As recently as 2000 the building was completely cleaned up in preparation for the Vatican's 2000 jubilee celebrations. The square is empty apart from two 17 century fountains, one on either side of the Piazza

The marble used to make these fountains dates back to Roman times and was taken from the marble taken from the baths of Caracalla. The fountains are decorated with Lilies the emblem of the old noble Roman family Farnese. Nearby in the adjacent square to Piazza Farnese you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the bustling street market in Campo dei Fiori - go early though as the market finishes at 2 pm after which there is a big clean up operation to prepare the square for the evening's festivities and night life.

Campo di Fiori is the adjacent piazza to Piazza Farnese and is the best place in Rome to go out for good nightlife - The Vineria , Drunken Ship and Sloppy Sams are 3 excellent bars and all conveniently located in the same Piazza